"I have NEVER in my life met a dog so amazing. I had him sitting at 8 weeks after 5 minutes... Sit/staying by 10. He doesn't go down the stairs or out the door before us within a week of teaching him. I taught him not to eat until prompted within TWO DAYS, at 10 weeks of age. His trainer thought he was in another training class he is THAT good. He is worth every penny. He was potty trained within two weeks. Crate trained by 12 weeks. Sitting by 8. I can't say enough good about this dog!"

"Blue girl is incredible. She rings the bell to go out to potty, sleeps very well at night in her crate, only barks when she's playing and has discovered she likes going in the truck too... Know we love our newest puppy very, very much."

"Orange girl is fitting right in here with our family! She is doing great-getting big! Thanks again-- we just love her!"

"Orange boy is by far the most handsome lab we have ever seen. People are blown away by him. He is sooo good and well behaved. He really is a smart little guy and knows his commands. We could not be happier."

"Green girl is truly the perfect pup! She loves other animals and people (especially children!) She is a delight every day. :)"​

"We are a rafting family and needed a dog who would travel well, love the water, and be adventurous. Emma Dean is adored by everyone she encounters. We love her personality and she's sooo cute!"