Gold Country English Labradors

A Labrador Breeder breeding true English Labradors

Is there really a difference?

You bet there is!

Are you planning to have a Labrador as your pet but confused on what type to get? You should consider your living condition and the level of activity.

American Labradors are very active and will need lots of mental and physical stimulation. If you like a higher level of activity or hunting games, the American Labrador is the best for you. However, if you want a Lab that does not too much activity, an English Labrador is the most suitable.

Welcome to Gold Country English Labradors!

Gold Country English Labradors is a hobby labrador breeder that will only have labrador puppies occasionally. Our puppies are bred for health, temperament, companionship, and conformation. Our labrador retrievers are perfect for families who want a family member that will love them unconditionally for many wonderful years.

The DiPietro Family

Home Environment

We are small and always will be. We want our labrador retrievers to live with us and not in a kennel or concrete floor. Our labrador puppies are born in our home and only moved out when they become big enough to jump out of the whelping box. They are very socialized, exposed to noises, people, and they get tons of love and kisses. We believe in giving the best start to being a well socialized, loved, and handled start.