How it all started

Gold Country English Labradors is located in Auburn, California. We are a family of four and our dogs are members of our family. A love for the breed started when Tara was a very young. She grew up in a family that has owned and bred labs for over 25 years (Sugar Pine Labradors). As a young girl she showed and trained her dogs in 4-H.

Family Tradition

We have two children who love their dogs as much as us. Our two girls love tugging on them, dressing them up, and even sleeping with them. I wanted to continue my love and passion for the breed and memories with our girls. They truly are the best family dogs ever.

Best dogs for kids

We chose English labs over American labs primarily due to the temperament difference. We also just love the big teddy bear look of the English Lab. They are absolutely gorgeous and their easygoing, fun-loving nature fits right in with our family! Since our girls were born, they have been inundated with Labrador breath and puppy kisses.

We believe in health!

Our dogs are fed a healthy diet including raw food, organic vegetables, and other healthy, organic additives. We also have all of our pets on organic vitamins from The Ninth Life.

We don't use any chemicals around our home and practice not over vaccinating. Our dogs are our family and we believe in raising them in a healthy, holistic environment.

Best friend for life

We offer puppies that are gorgeous, healthy, and smart. The most desirable quality of our puppies are they live to please. They are loyal, multi-talented, easy to train and you will be getting a friend for life. We have many testimonials from families!