Our Dogs

Gold Country's Timber Wolf

Timber is Rusty and Gypsy's daughter and she is my daughter's sidekick. She is sweet and loves to love us.  She melts us with her eyes. We are beyond excited to see her babies with Jack they will be phenomenal!

Gypsy Varner

Gypsy is amazing! She flew in from Colorado and that was quite an exciting day! She has an stellar pedigree and she throws gorgeous puppies.. Gypsy loves everyone and everything she sees, from our cats to chickens she loves to love on everyone! She is quite the swimmer too! 

Ody is not only a Champion he is a Grand Champion! Gypsy's pedigree is stellar and she will produce phenomenal puppies.

Gypsy's Sire

Gypsy has the sweetest face and eyes

She tends to throw very light yellow puppies!


Osa is our first girl. She has been retired. We don't believe in over breeding our dogs.

Look at her topline! 

Osa LOVES water!

If she's not in our pool she is swimming in the many lakes and rivers we enjoy with our family.

Osa has the sweetest disposition

Osa has been our girls constant companion. She will put her life on the line for them. She is the best dog.

Our Studs

We co-own boys with Sugarpine Labradors https://www.sugarpinelabradors.com

Sugarpine Labradors is my mom and aunt's site and I grew up raising and showing this beautiful breed. 

My mom and aunt are experts and my still my mentors !

Sugar Pine's Rusty Duck

Rusty is our stud dog. He is owned by mom at Sugar Pine Labradors and has lines straight back to England! 


Rusty is kind, happy go lucky, and loves to please. He is a goof ball and we love him to death. Our girls cry when he leaves to go back home.

This face!

Rusty has the perfect English head. Wide head, short muzzle, defined stop, and  big almond rusty colored eyes. He's perfect.

Belquest's Sergent Jack of Sugarpine

Jack is co-owned by us and my mom at Sugarpine Labradors

Jack's sire is a Westminister and Sweedish Champion. 

We are very lucky to have Jack and his puppies are very sought after.